Do you have unbearable rust stains on your toilets, sinks or showers? Are your white shirts turning dingy and yellow due to your water? Are you tired of trying to remove rust stains with brands that just do not get the job done?

Super Iron Out has been the consumer-preferred rust stain remover for over 50 years for one simply works the best. It is the simple and effective way to removing rust, and since it comes in multiple forms, it is the most versatile brand on the market today.

All-Purpose Powder
The powder cleaner is designed for multiple purposes including removing rust from surfaces like toilets, tubs, tiles, sinks, counter tops and fabrics to appliances like dishwashers, washers and water softeners. Super Iron Out powder works because the active ingredients within interact with the chemicals in rust stains, changing them into a soluble state that easily rinse away with water. Since the chemical reaction does the job, there is no need for excessive scrubbing; cutting out the manual labor. The original designed purpose was for use in a water softener. Each time the water softener regenerates itself, the chemicals interact with the water eliminating the hard water impurities before they reach your surfaces. Using the powdered solution in the water softener will cut down on the time needed to scrub all iron-stained surfaces. Powder is available in 18 oz., 30oz., 5 lbs. and 10 lbs. bottles.

Multi-Surface Liquid / Outdoor Liquid
The new liquid solution is as effective and even more versatile than the powder helping to remove rust stains in hard-to-reach areas. It can be used on all the same surfaces as the powder and is especially useful for vertical surfaces like shower tiles, shower heads, outside walls and more. Use of the Super Iron Out powder in the water softener can reduce the need to frequently use the liquid solution, but they can complement each other well. If rust stains are controlled from the source (i.e. the water softener), the liquid will be most effective for maintenance. Super Iron Out liquid is available in a trigger spray bottle as well as a 1 gallon jug for use outside the home.

Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Finally, the Super Iron Out Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a 2 ounce puck that you drop in the back of your toilet tank. This puck will repel rust up to 45 days and can eliminate the need to clean the toilet bowl of rust stains all together. To use, simply clean your toilet bowl and tank of existing rust ailments, drop one toilet puck in your toilet tank. Each time you flush, Super Iron Out's chemicals will be released, rinsing hard water staining away. Toilet pucks are available in 3 pack and 6 pack boxes.

The Super Iron Out brand of rust removers are the best on the market because they are effective and much safer than competitor brands. Many other rust removers on the market today use hydrofluoric acid solutions that are very caustic and can cause severe burning if it comes into contact with the skin. Super Iron Out is much less abrasive making it safer to use and yielding the same positive results. Also, other liquid solutions do not have the versatility of use in the water softener like Super Iron Out powder does, so using the liquid cleaner alone will require applications frequently because you are not stopping hard water issues at the source.

Use Super Iron Out today and get rid of your rust problems. Rust never sleeps and Super Iron Out works hard so you don't have to. Visit for a money-saving coupon that can be redeemed for the powder, liquid or toilet puck solutions. Buy all three together and have the ultimate team to dominate any rust stain both inside and outside the home.
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