Use Super Iron Out in your water softener to prevent rust stains
I put Super Iron Out in my water softener tank to remove rust before the rust could get into the washing machine, dishwasher, and sinks. Now, I don't have to go all over the house trying to get the rust stains as soon as they appear because they simply do not appear anymore.

For ages, I was like a robot. When I found one rust stain I knew there had to be more. I would go all over the house with my heavy basket of cleaning supplies and scrub each and every surface that was beginning to develop rust stains. I have to say, I spent more than a few hours cleaning the entire house. It wasn’t like I didn’t have anything better to do; I just hadn’t found Super Iron Out yet. Super Iron Out stopped me from continuing my robotic behavior.

With the first use, I poured one cup of Super Iron Out into cold water, then poured the soultion into the water softener tank. I noticed a difference soon after, and now I use it on a regular basis. Of course, one treatment is not going to keep rust from occurring because it's always on the verge of an unseen attacker just waiting for the right moment to strike!

To maintain your water softener and to tame rust add 1/4 cup of Super Iron Out to your water softener regularly.