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How to Remove Rust Stains in your Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the trickiest rooms of the house to keep clean. The floor seems to attract spills, the glass becomes spotted with water droplets, and some of the worst things that occur are rust stains. Luckily, you can utilize a few tricks on how to remove rust stains. This will make the job easier and reduce the time you spend on keeping your bathroom clean and attractive.

  • Clean Faucets and Fixtures – In addition to cleaning the rust off your tub, sink or porcelain, make sure you clean the inside of the faucets and fixtures with an appropriate rust removal product as well. By doing this, you can prevent the spread of rust from a Use Super Iron Out to remove rust from your bathroomslow leak or drip.
  • Do Not Use Bleach – The first thing you may think to use when cleaning rust stains is bleach or a bleach-based cleanser. This can actually make the problem worse! Even though it is tempting to try to use what you already have, it makes sense to choose a professional rust remover product like Super Iron Out to tackle the worst of it.
  • Clean Quickly – While it can be tempting to put off your cleaning project, don’t. The longer you wait, the worse the stains will become and you may not be able to remove the stains with ordinary methods. If you are proactive about tackling rust when it first show up, you will save yourself work later.
  • Water Quality– If you have stains that come back time and time again, perhaps you should check your water quality. Well water is often a big culprit, but city water can cause the stains too. If you can reduce the levels of metal in your water, you will be much less likely to need to go through the cleaning process again in the future.

Rust can be a major blight on the overall appearance of your bathroom. If you want that clean, fresh, spa-like atmosphere, you need to rid yourself of this issue quickly. Don’t waste your time with regular cleaners that may make it worse or endless scrubbing that will wear you out and likely still not remove all the residue. Instead of that, choose a cleaner that is specially formulated for rust removal. Additionally, put in some work to repair the problems that cause the stains in the first place. With this effort, your bathroom will soon be rust-free, shiny and the perfect place to take a nice, relaxing bath.


Testimonial by: William Hughry

Rust stains in toilet bowl would not come off using regular toilet bowl cleaner. I used Super Iron Out powder and it was easily cleaned.
by: William Hughry

How to Prevent Iron Stains Outside


If you are like many people, you enjoy spending time outdoors at your home. You may enjoy drinking your morning coffee on your back deck, entertaining friends on your patio or tinkering with an old car on your carport, you want your outdoors spaces to look and feel inviting. Iron or rust stains can make any space look and feel less appealing. While there are some great rust removers on the market that make it easy to treat the stains you already have, you may want to make it your goal to prevent new stains from forming in the first place. Consider some tips that can keep rust away and make the rust stain removal process much easier in the future.

Remove rust stains from patio

  • Remove Existing Stains Quickly – Rust and iron stains hold water in and can make it much easier for the stains to spread. That means that removing the current stains is one of the best preventative measures you can take. In addition to making it harder to spread, if you start with a clean slate (so to speak) you are better able to see where the stains are originating. Super Iron Out makes rust removal easy, simply spray the liquid on the surface, allow the stain to disappear and then rinse the area through with fresh water.
  • Protect Iron Furniture – If you have iron or metal furniture, take the time to apply a protective coating and paint to keep the furniture from leaving stains behind.
  • Remove Sources of Standing Water – Reducing the standing water can make a big difference in removing rust stains. If you have an uneven surface, see if there is a way for you to adjust the landscaping. Otherwise, make an effort to regularly sweep or squeegee the water away so that it doesn’t sit in one place.
  • Get Rid of Rust Producers – Do you have old toys, car parts or unused flowerpots on your porch or patio? If there are any metal or iron pieces, these can be a major factor in causing rust stains on concrete. See what you can toss out and you’ll have less to worry about in terms of iron stains forming.
  • Treat Surfaces – Add a protective coating of paint or stain to your patio, porch or carport. There are affordable and easy-to-apply paints and stains on the market that will discourage the spread of iron stains.

While you may not be able to avoid every iron stain, it is nice to prevent the ones you can. Then, you will not have to devote as much time and effort into removing these imperfections. You can then have more free time to sit outside and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors!


Get your Lake House Ready for Summer


If you are lucky enough to own or have access to a lake house, spring is one of the most exciting, and busiest times of the year! Depending on where you live, it may be lake weather already or you may be counting down the weeks until summer when you can

Remove rust from your lake home

relax and enjoy the great weather. For now, you want to start working on all the maintenance tasks that you neglected over the winter and prepare the lake house for the fun that lies ahead. As the excitement builds, make sure you put the following tasks on your checklist””then, when you are ready to spend time by the water you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself!

  • Bathrooms – No matter how well you cleaned the bathroom at the end of last summer you are likely to see a few things that need attention. Rust stains in bathtub or sink and stains in toilet bowl or tank appear after a long winter of neglect. Use a product like Super Iron Out and some elbow grease to make the bathroom sparkle.
  • Kitchen – The place you prepare and enjoy meals needs to be clean and inviting. Cleaning dishwasher and sink may take some scrubbing, and the countertops and cabinets just need a quick wipe down to get things looking good again.
  • Dusting and Cobwebs – Even if you keep the lake house closed for the winter, dust and cobwebs will find a way to take over. A quick run through with a duster or cloth and cleaner can get rid of this nuisance.
  • Outdoor Areas – Check your patio furniture and other outdoor equipment to make sure everything is in good working order. Remove rust from concrete and any stains on your deck to help them look their best too.
  • Check Plumbing and HVAC Systems – Before you plan to spend any significant time in your lake house, make sure the plumbing and HVAC systems are operational and change filters, run water through the pipes and take care of other maintenance tasks.

These tasks are just a few that you may want to complete to help get your lake house in tiptop shape. Your house may need some other maintenance too, so customize your to do list to meet your particular needs. Spend some time browsing the internet for tips, tricks and deals. You may be able to find coupons for rust removal or other cleaning products that can save you money on your projects. Don’t put off your Lake House cleaning and maintenance efforts””it will be time to put your toes in the water before you know it!


No More Orange Rust Stains on My Clothes


Rust Stains on Clothing

For awhile, I started to notice that my clothes weren’t coming out very clean. I especially noticed there was a problem with my white clothing. Every time I did a load of wash, my white shirts were coming out with a strange, orange rust stain. I tried re-washing my shirts, but the stains were still there. In fact, after a few washes, my clothes were no longer white – they were dingy and couldn’t be worn any more.

I was really starting to stress out about this situation because I really didn’t want to buy new clothes. There certainly wasn’t any extra money in the budget for new clothing so I needed to find a white to get my clothing looking white again.

Find the Problem

I knew the first thing I had to do in order to find a solution was to get to the bottom of my problem. I had to find out what was causing the orange grime and how to remove the rust stains. Turns out, most rust stains that are found on clothing come from a build up of minerals in the washing machine. In areas where hard water is common, calcium, lime and rust build up in washing machines and dishwashers, leaving an ugly orange stain behind on the items the minerals came in contact with. So, this was definitely the problem I was having. We live in an area with hard water and there was a build up of these minerals inside my washing machine.

Get to the Solution

Thankfully, a friend of mine told me about Super Iron Out. This powder has been trusted to remove rust stains for more than 50 years. That’s a pretty good track record for getting rust stains out, so I decided to give it a try as well. After all, my friend that recommend the product absolutely raved about the results she had received. I put one cup full of Super Iron Out in an empty washing machine and ran a cycle. Then, I washed a load of whites.

Super Iron Out to the Rescue

After the wash cycle was over, I took my clothes out and was absolutely amazed. My whites were white again! The orange rust stains were gone and I had beautifully white clothes again. Thank you Super Iron Out!


Clean Dishes, All the Time


I’ve recently noticed a problem at my house. My beautiful, white dishes weren’t looking as clean as they once used to. I always rinse before I put the dishes and pans in the dishwasher, but even after a full wash cycle, my dishes just weren’t looking clean. I wondered what was causing the problem so I decided to do some research.

Iron, Lime and Calcium in Water

Turns out, many of us live in areas that have hard water. That means, the water that runs through our pipes – in our bathrooms, washing machines, kitchens, and dishwashers contain iron, lime and calcium. Over time, these things leave deposits on surfaces, like sinks, taps, and dishwashers. This is what was happening in my home. My dishwasher had a build up of minerals that was leaving unsightly rust stains and grime on my dishes. Thankfully, I knew there was a solution.

Super Iron Out

Not long ago, I noticed some of my white shirts were coming out of the washer with orange stains on them. These rust stains were removed from my clothing by adding Super Iron Out to a load of wash. I was so impressed with Super Iron Out and how clean it got my clothes. So, I decided to try Super Iron Out in my dishwasher to see if it could remove the mineral build up that had occurred from years of hard water. I ran just one cup full of Super Iron Out through an empty wash cycle. Then, I loaded and washed dishes in the dishwasher like usual. And, the dishes that time came out sparkling white and clean! I was so happy. The same results I’d seen with my clothes was now evident with my dishes. No more dirty looking dishes in this house!

white bone china 10-365

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Remove Rust Stains

Super Iron Out has been trusted for more than 50 years as the #1 rust removal product. I’m certainly a believer and I’m grateful that Super Iron Out has been able to help keep my dishes looking like new. My family loves it too, since we can now wash the dishes just once per cycle.


How I Keep My Bathroom Clean


remove rust stains

Like most people, cleaning the bathroom is the worst chore in the house! Or, it used to be. I have had a terrible problem with rust and lime stains in my toilet, sink and bathtubs. I feel like I've tried everything to remove the rust stains caused by hard water. If there's a product out there, it seems like I have spent the money and used it, but to no avail. I was starting to feel desperate. I really wanted a clean bathroom. Nobody likes looking at a dirty toilet (especially when you've just cleaned the bowl).

I was curious what was causing these rust stains to appear in my toilet bowl, in my sinks and around my bathtub. I went online and after some research found that hard water leaves deposit of lime, calcium and rust. Over time, these deposits can be very difficult to remove. The minerals left behind by hard water are stubborn and often take a lot of elbow grease - and product - to remove. Even after hours of scrubbing, those stains sometimes just don't go away.

During my online research, I discovered a product that I knew I wanted to try. I read that Super Iron Out has been a favorite among consumers since 1958 for removing rust stains. That many people, for that many years couldn't be wrong. So I bought some Super Iron Out and set out to remove the rust stains in my bathroom. I put a cap-full of powder in my toilet bowl to start. I let it set there, without any scrubbing, for about 10 minutes. When I came back to check the stains, all I had to do was flush and those rust stains were gone. I couldn't believe it! The stubborn stains that I have scrubbed for hours at a time were gone. I had similar results on my sink and bathtub as well. The rust stains have been removed! Super Iron Out is by far the best rust stain removal product I have ever used.

I will continue to use Super Iron Out to keep my bathroom looking clean and fresh. Finally, I have found a product that works on those hard-to-remove stains, without causing me a lot of extra work and without spending extra money out of the family budget.


Keep the Washer Sparkling Clean


Rust Removal in the Washer

I live in an area with hard water. That means we have hard water in our home. If you also have hard water running through your pipes, then you know how the hard water can leave a build up of calcium, lime and even rust stains. I've recently noticed that my washing machine has a lot of rust built up inside and it's preventing my whites from getting as clean as possible. It just doesn't seem right to have to put my clothing through two or three cycles, just to begin to look clean. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and research how to remove rust stains from a washing machine.

What Does Hard Water Do

Hard water has minerals that leave ugly stains, like rust stains, on our fixtures and in our appliances. For the most part, hard water is harmless, except for the stains that are left behind. If the stains are left too long without proper care, clothing, appliances, showers and fixtures can actually be permanently damaged. This was the point I was getting to with my washing machine. Because of the rest stains from hard water, my clothing was being ruined. And I needed to find a solution quickly in order to save my white clothes.

Super Iron Out

Fortunately, as I was researching how to remove rust stains, I came across a wonderful product. Super Iron Out has been a favorite in the US since 1958. It's number one for a reason - because this stuff really works. All I did was put a small cap-full of powder into my washing machine, ran an empty cycle, and the stains were gone. Those ugly, hard to clean rust stains that were ruining my white clothes with every wash cycle were now completely gone.

I'm so happy I found Super Iron Out to help remove rust stains from my home. I've now used the product not only in my washing machine, but in my dishwasher and toilets as well. I'm so pleased with the cleanliness and the sparkling appliances that I now have. I would certainly recommend Super Iron Out to anyone who lives in an area with hard water and is having trouble removing hard water stains.


Getting Rid of the Orange Rust Stains

Best Rust Remover

We recently moved to an area that has a lot of iron in the water. At first, I didn't think much about the iron content, until I started to notice orange rust stains. The rust stains were everywhere! I found orange stains in my sink, my dishware never looked clean, the silverware looked tarnished and even the surfaces of the bathtubs were looking discolored. There always seemed to be a ring of orange rust residing on every surface of my home that came in contact with our water.

I knew there had to be a solution to get rid of these awful discolorations. It was embarrassing to have orange stains on all of items and in my home. It looked like I was a terrible housekeeper, which was certainly not the case. I turned to the Internet to find a solution for removing rust stains. I found a product called Super Iron Out. All of the reviews online said this was the best rust stain remover product on the market so I decided to give it a try. After all, I really had nothing to lose at this point in time. I was desperate for an answer.

I tried Super Iron Out first on the surfaces that had rust stains. I was amazed! With hardly any scrubbing, the orange rust stains that had accumulated on my bathroom sinks, the bathtubs and even in the toilet bowls just disappeared. Then, I tried just a cap full in my dishwasher. My dishes came out so sparkling clean. I was thrilled because I thought for sure that my dishes would never look clean again. The surfaces, the dishes and the silverware all look great now that we've discovered Super Iron Out to remove unsightly orange rust stains.

We love Super Iron Out in our house and I'm so happy to have found this great product. Now, I can cut back on my cleaning time, while having a home that is clean and safe for my family. Thanks to Super Iron Out, I'll never have to worry about removing rust stains again.


Get Rust Stains Out of Concrete


Preparing a home to be a rental is hard work but it is even harder when you are trying to improve the outside appearance of the house and you are having to deal with tough rust stains.

When my wife and I decided to buy an investment property in hopes of making some extra income and using it as a rental property, we found an amazing house with a large garage. The only problems were the huge rust stains found on the concrete in the garage. After trying several different methods trying to remove the rust stains, including pressure washing and using harsh chemicals, we were left with no real results or improvement.

My wife had used Super Iron Out for several years on different things in the house and even our laundry. When she told me how this miracle product could also be used on outdoor stains, including hard-to-get-rid-of rust stains on concrete. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical considering how extensive the stains were and how large they appeared.

I poured some of the Super Iron Out on one of the smaller stains to see how it would fair. I was expecting to have to use a large brush and spend a lot of time scrubbing to see the stain fade. I was very happy to see that after only a few minutes the stain started to fade away and with just a small amount of rubbing, the stain began to completely disappear.

Seeing what a huge success it was, I started to apply it to all the stains. In just a short amount of time the stains started to disappear the concrete started to look cleaner and brighter. One of the best parts about using the rust remover was the fact that there were no strong odors or harsh chemicals to worry about. The Super Iron Out rust remover clung to the surface of the concrete and unlike other cleaners, did not immediately disappear as soon as it was applied. It tops my list of the best rust removers.

With plenty of the Super Iron Out left over I was able to use it on the bathroom toilets and bathtubs to get rid of the hard water stains. Choosing Super Iron Out to clean my garage and rental bathrooms saved me time and money and made it easier to get the house ready in a faster time frame.