I have recently learned that a toilet tank that is full of rust quickly covers the toilet bowl in an orange film. This is a valuable piece of information for me, considering that I feel like I'm always at war with keeping the bowl clean. There is nothing worse than having an orange toilet bowl.Super Iron Out: The Best Rust Remover Product

But now I have this knowledge, I need to figure out how to put it to use. The biggest question that came to mind is what product works best in the tank to remove the rust? Off on a hunt for information I went.

The most important criteria a competent rust removal product had to meet was that it wouldn't require me having to drain the tank. What I kept hearing from people I asked is to sue Super Iron Out. All I have to do is to fill the tank as high as possible, pour in half a cup of the rust remover, and let the tank stand overnight.

I followed the directions and poured in the remover before I went to bed. First thing next morning I flushed the toilet and awaited the results. It couldn't have worked any better! The stains were completely gone. No more rust in the tank. Super Iron Out is now a part of my regular cleaning regimen.