Once you have figured out how to remove rust, you may be ready to tackle all the rust around your house. Before you go tearing the place apart looking for rust here and there, perhaps you can check out these five most common areas for rust stain.

  • Bathtub or Sink – The bathtub or sink is probably the first place people notice rust stains at home. This is most common on a porcelain product, but it can occur on so-called “stainless” steel. The rust usually occurs when the faucet drips onto the same place repeatedly. Remove Rust Stains in Bathroom Sink
  • Toilet – Sometimes toilet rings are not the sign of a dirty toilet, they are simply caused by hard water or water with a high rust content. Ignoring this problem will not make it go away; it will only get worse over time””especially on an older toilet.
  • Patio – A patio or other outdoor living area is a prime place for rust stains to occur. Rainwater or runoff can collect and after a while, it will lead to rust stains. It is important to remember that where rust occurs once, it will likely occur again in the future””unless you make changes with how the rain or water is dispersed.
  • Roof – One particularly difficult area to deal with rust damage is the roof. While you can clean the discoloration yourself, you want to make certain the roof is still structurally sound. If you don’t take care of the root of the problem, you could wind up with a leaky roof or an even worse problem.
  • Fireplace – A fireplace is, unfortunately, a space that is susceptible to leaks and runoff. This can cause rust stains both inside and outside the home. Regularly checking for rust both inside of your fireplace and outside (near the cap) is important.

Every home or structure is different and there are certainly other areas you may find rust stain. The most important thing is to take advantage of the right rust removal product (like Super Iron Out) so that you can get rid of the rust before it gets out of control. After all, rust spreads quickly, so the best way to prevent a major problem is by acting on problems right away. Super Iron Out makes it easy to remove rust and keep your house clean.