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Testimonial by: Norma-Jean Forshey

I read about Super Iron Out taking rust stains out of a dishwasher on the internet. So, I went to the Super Iron Out website and printed a coupon.

After I purchased it, I came home and followed the directions for cleaning a dishwasher printed on the label. I ran the dishwasher through a full cycle, and, the rust stains are almost gone! I will have to do it again, but the inside looks so much better! Almost like new again. Amazing. I've tried other things, including scrubbing at the stains, and this worked great and was so easy!

Thank you. I have told my friends about your wonderful product.
by: Norma-Jean Forshey

Testimonial by: William Hughry

Rust stains in toilet bowl would not come off using regular toilet bowl cleaner. I used Super Iron Out powder and it was easily cleaned.
by: William Hughry

Summit Brands Renews Partnership with GE Appliances

A welcomed announcement for consumers, spells bad news for rust stains and hard water, as Summit Brands and GE Appliances have renewed their strategic partnership.

Summit Brands rust removal product, Super Iron Out, is specifically designed to remove rust stains and eliminate hard water build up, making it the perfect compliment to GE Softeners.

GE Softeners
help reduce scale buildup, making tubs, showers and sinks easy to clean. Towels washed in softened water use 1/3 less detergent and are 45% whiter than towels washed in non-softened water. GE softeners include GE SmartSoft™ technology which learns your water usage patterns to help ensure you have soft water when you need it. GE SmartSoft technology also saves on salt, water and energy by using up to 60% less salt than conventional softeners and up to 35% less energy with its low-wattage transformer.

Super Iron Out“You notice the difference using Super Iron Out with a GE Softener as preventative maintenance against hard water build-up," said Blake S. Parton, Associate Brand Manager at Summit Brands. "The water feels noticeably smooth and soft.  We are excited to partner with GE, because we are equaled in our knowledge and commitment in solving the consumer’s issues that develop from hard water build-up.”

With this partnership consumers purchasing a new GE Softener are provided with knowledge concerning hard water issues such as rust, helpful tips on preventing and removing rust stains on everything from toilets to clothing and coupons to Summit Brand products like SIO.  Additional care and cleaning tips are available at both company websites.

Summit Brands rust remover, SIO and GE Softeners provide a winning combination against hard water and household rust.

Remove Rust Stains from the Toilet Tank


I have recently learned that a toilet tank that is full of rust quickly covers the toilet bowl in an orange film. This is a valuable piece of information for me, considering that I feel like I'm always at war with keeping the bowl clean. There is nothing worse than having an orange toilet bowl.Super Iron Out: The Best Rust Remover Product

But now I have this knowledge, I need to figure out how to put it to use. The biggest question that came to mind is what product works best in the tank to remove the rust? Off on a hunt for information I went.

The most important criteria a competent rust removal product had to meet was that it wouldn't require me having to drain the tank. What I kept hearing from people I asked is to sue Super Iron Out. All I have to do is to fill the tank as high as possible, pour in half a cup of the rust remover, and let the tank stand overnight.

I followed the directions and poured in the remover before I went to bed. First thing next morning I flushed the toilet and awaited the results. It couldn't have worked any better! The stains were completely gone. No more rust in the tank. Super Iron Out is now a part of my regular cleaning regimen.


Remove Rust Stains from the Toilet

Living in an apartment that has hard water is a challenge to keep clean. And because I'm renting, installing a water softener is out of the question; improving the building for the landlord on my dime is not in the cards. So I'm stuck with having to deal with rust stains in Remomve rust stains from your toilet with Super Iron Outthe toilet. There are rust stains in the tub and sinks, but those are mild compared to the toilet.

For reasons unknown to me, the toilet is loaded with rust stains that just won't dissolve. I haven't been able to make much headway with their removal. Part of me says why bother, I'm only renting; but the other part says to have a little pride in where I live, plus the orange rings are just gross.

I happened to run into my neighbor while I was working on this unsightly problem. It occurred to me that I should ask her what she does for her toilet. Right away she told me to use Super Iron Out. She said it makes rust removal a snap and proclaimed that it is the best rust remover she's ever used. She also told me she bought her bottle at the local grocery, so I headed there that afternoon.

My neighbor knows her stuff, that's for sure. It removed every rust stain from the toilet. I will definitely be using Super Iron Out on my sink and tub too.

Removing Unexpected Rust Stains on Clothing

Super Iron Out removers rust stains from clothing

I had no idea that there was a large amount of iron in our water supply, until rust got in my washing machine and turned my whites orange. Murphy's Law most certainly struck on this load of wash: what can go wrong, will go wrong. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of grange-stained whites. I couldn't decide if I should throw them out or make an effort to clean them.

My frugality won, so I went and started researching on the Internet for techniques to remove rust stains from clothing. The one product that kept on coming back was Super Iron Out. Plenty of reviews sung its praises and its ability to get every last stain out of white clothes. I figured I had nothing to lose since the clothes were already ruined.

Before heading to the store I checked the Super Iron Out website, lo and behold they even had a printable coupon! After I picked up a bottle, I proceeded to wage war on the rust stains. I read through the instructions to make sure I was using it correctly. Then I took a deep breath and started up the washing machine.

About thirty minutes later, I came back to the machine to see how well the product worked. It was amazing, my whites were white again! It did not damage to the clothing whatsoever, and most importantly, no ugly orange stains. My clothes were saved and my budget was preserved, thanks to Super Iron Out.


Rust Stains on Clothing


Rust Stained Clothing

Iron rust stains have been a problem with laundry since man began wearing coverings of woven fabric. That is, there were problems after man decided he wanted to wear clean garments, rather than old, dirty, and greasy garments.

The most common rust stains are the spots that appear when the man of the house has been busy in the garage, working on the car, or lawn tools all day. Men are rust stain magnets. It seems like no matter what they're doing in the garage rust stains are attracted to them, at least with my husband.

Rust stains don’t have to mean the end of your clothes. Instead of throwing out the rust stained clothing and getting new shirts, which can really add up, try adding Super Iron Out to the load. Simply, add 1/2 cup to warm water while your washer is filling. Add your clothes and let them soak for about 5 minutes, it works best if you can stop the machine. Then add your detergent and let the wash cycle finish. And presto! When you pull your clothes out of the wash the rust stains have disappeared. It's that easy.

Super Iron Out is all I use for rust stains. In the past I tried a million different types of stain removers and each one had little effect. I thought my husband's rust stained shirts were useless except for being used as cleaning rags, I had quite the collection. Now that I have found Super Iron Out, my rag pile is slowly dwindling because my husband keeps more of his shirts. The rust stains come right out.

So next time your husband comes in from the garage looking like a rusty Dalmatian, don't sweat it. The stains are easy to remove. Simply use Super Iron Out, the best rust remover, to get rid of the rust stains.


Zap Rust On Contact

Does it seem like rust has taken over your house? Once you've got rust-related problems, they're hard to nix.

This is where Super Iron Out comes in. A product from Summit Brands, this revolutionary rust removal product will quickly and effortlessly zap any rust on contact.

Rust prevention is another tough job. Once you finally get rid of the rust problem, it seems that it just keeps coming back for more. In your toilet bowl, the kitchen sink, inside of your dishwasher and washing machines-- there's no place too big or too small that rust can't start corroding.

Summit Brands has created a great product that will aid in rust prevention. By easily moistening a sponge with this product and applying generously to the rust, it will quickly come up and lessen your problem for a long while. And after the first inital rust removal, prevention becomes a piece of cake. Whenever you think you're getting more rust somewhere, just apply a little bit more to make sure the problem stays away.

What's being called one of the best rust removal products on store shelves, Summit Brands has managed to provide a service to us all, helping to eliminate rust from our everyday lives.

Rust stains on clothing can be a hassle, too. This happens because rust starts to form in the inside of the washing machine due to water constantly being present. By using a little bit of the product and scrubbing the inside of the washing machine, not only are you saving money by not alerting a professional to the problem, but you're also ensuring that your white clothes come out looking fresh and vibrant. No more orange stains on those white t-shirts!

Summit Brands has created something incredibly revolutionary that has helped millions already. Rust used to be a huge problem, but this simply isn't the case any longer.


The Fight Against Rust

Rust can be a huge problem, and it's best to get it taken care of as soon as possible. The worst part about it, though, is that it can creep up absolutely anywhere that water can be. This means rust can be found anywhere from your toilet bowl, your kitchen sink, the inside of the dishwasher and washing machine, etc.

But with Summit Brands' product, Super Iron Out, rust removal is as easy as pie.

Finding rust anywhere is never a happy time. The effects of rust on surfaces is excrutiatingly awful, and can lead to a terrible looking kitchen or bathroom. Removing rust stains from a toilet doesn't have to be as gross as it used to be, either. Gone are the days of wetting a sponge and hand-scrubbing the toilet bowl -- gross! With this rust-eating product, it'll basically do all of the hard work for you.

What is being toted as one of the best rust removers out there, Summit Brands lends a hand in the fight against rust.

Let's be honest. There's nothing worse than rust stains on clothing. When rust finds its way inside of your washing machine, it can be a frustrating and extremely pricey problem to remedy. But go ahead and put down that telephone, toss away the plumber's number and pick up a bottle of this product. Super Iron Out will quickly and effortlessly remove any rust-related problems in a jiffy.

By simply wetting a sponge and squirting on some of this amazing product, it will painlessly smear away any rust. You barely even have to put forth any muscle effort, either.

Products meant to get rid of rust aren't all one in the same either. Some are built for more heavy-duty rust while others are just created as an easy way to make the company money. But not Summit Brands-- they're devoted to helping you get the most of their product, satisfaction guaranteed.


What's Worse Than Rust?

Is there seriously anything worse than rust stains?

Rust can be a major contender in the war of annoyances as getting rid of it can be a huge strain! Anything that water touches can become rusty over time, which is why rust stain removal is incredibly important.

Have you ever had trouble with rust creeping up inside of your toilet bowl? What about your kitchen sink? If so, you've probably tried to eliminate the problem yourself by using a simple sponge or steel wool. These things may seem like they're helping the issue, but in fact, they might just be making it worse!

Removing rust stains can be a breeze, though, with the help of Summit Brands' new product. Simply place a little bit of Super Iron Out onto a wash cloth and be amazed as you wipe away rust deposits with ease. Almost no effort is necessary whatsoever!

Having rust in your toilet or sinks can be a pain, but they don't even come close to finding rust deposits inside of your washing machine. Your clothes are put into the machine to come out looking fresh and clean, not orange and dingy! Rust stains on clothing is the absolute worst! And getting rust out of there would normally be a job for a professional. But why spend all of that money when you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost? Rust removal didn't used to be such an easy task until now.

So, what are you waiting for? This product is said to be one of the best rust removal products out there, and it's massively cheaper than hiring someone to do the deed for you. It's time to finally say goodbye to rust forever, and hello to an easy cleaning routine!