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How to Remove Scary Rust Stains in the Sink


One of the worst ways to start your day is staring at a dirty, unpleasant rust stain in the sink while you are brushing your teeth. Those pesky rust stains do not just wipe away, and the longer you let them sit, the worse they get. However, it is possible to get rid of them””if you know how to get rid of rust, the right way.

  • Don’t Keep Doing the Same Old Thing – You’ve tried bathroom cleaners, home remedies and other products over and over. They may reduce the stains, but they do not completely remove the rust. Luckily, trying a new product may help. Super Iron Out is not the same old cleaner. It is designed for one purpose””to remove rust from the surface. Rust in sink
  • Tools Matter – While you may be able to get some results by just using an old towel or cloth, a good scrub brush or scouring pad can help. Just make sure you choose a tool that will not harm the surface of your sink. You should be able to find this out by reading the owner’s manual.
  • Apply Elbow Grease – Using Super Iron Out is easy, simply wet the area that needs to be cleaned. Apply the powder to damp sponge or cloth and rub lightly until stains are gone. Don't forget to rinse after the stains have been removed. Save your elbow and use Super Iron Out.
  • Stay at It – Rust removal is not a one-time job. You will need to stick with it. Remove the rust in your sink today and check again next week. Chances are the stains will reappear. Do not give up, just stick with it and see what you can do to reduce the chances it will come back (like fixing that annoying leak!). Use Super Iron Out as needed when stains reappear.

Once you understand how to remove rust stains, you will find that it is well worth your effort to get rid of them. Just remember, as the old saying goes: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Once you have a nice, clean, rust-free sink, keep it that way. By taking proactive measures, you can avoid the buildup of rust that will cause you frustration as well as hard work.


Testimonial by: Linda C.

Started to get rust stains in the shower and toilets, about six months ago. I tried everything and nothing worked to clean them.

I did some further research on the internet and your product Super Iron Out came up.

Went to Lowes and purchased the spray, came home and sprayed in toilets and tanks and the rust stains just melted away. I couldn't be more happier. I've cleaned the shower with it as well.

I picked up the powder and put it in the water softener, it clean the rust right out of the in-coming water.

So many uses for the powder... I have also put it in the dishwasher and washing machine to remove rust stains.

Great product, thank you.

by: Linda C.

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Testimonial by: Debbie S.

I have fought hard water and rust stains forever. I have spent tons of money on products that just would not work. The only thing that would work was a product in which you needed to open doors, windows, and turn on the exhaust fan and scrub, scrub, scrub. I bought Super Iron Out Spray, sprayed it on the tub and within minutes the stains disappeared. You have a life time customer for and thank you for making a product that works and makes my life easier. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I am very impressed and so very grateful to say the least. by: Debbie Spearman


Testimonial by: Colleen V.

You have a wonderful product in Super Iron Out, I don't know what your product is made of, but it instantly dissolved the rust stains in both of our toilet bowls caused from a continuous water leak. One rust stain was quite bad, as we had gone away on vacation for 2.5 weeks!!! It worked much better than CLR as you don't have to do any scrubbing to remove the stain, just pour the powder and on, it seems to magically cling to the side of the toilet bowl and erase the stain. So glad I found out about Super Iron Out, which I found by doing an internet search on how to remove rust stains from toilet bowls. I think I saw it on eHow.
by: Colleen Votour

Testimonial: by: Debbie Spearman

I have fought hard water stains & rust stains forever. I have spent tons of money on products that just would not work. The only thing that would work was a product that you had to open doors, windows, and turn on the exhaust fan and scrub, scrub, scrub. I bought the Super Iron Out Spray, sprayed it on the rust stained tub and within minutes the stains started to disappear. You have a life time customer and thank you for making a product that works and makes my life easier. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I am very impressed and so very grateful to say the least.
by: Debbie Spearman

Testimonial by: Heather Andrick

LOVE Super Iron Out!!! I no longer bleach our whites, just let them soak in Super Iron Out for a bit, add laundry soap, wash as usual and enjoy sparkly white duds! We also put Super Iron Out in the water softener, between bags of salt. Did I mention I LOVE this stuff?!! :-)
by: Heather Andrick

Testimonial by: Fritz L.

5a6ba014b4a645438b742c5eefe4cf0d-0075EDII have a lot of iron in my water at our resort of 22 unites. I use Super Iron Out to clean out the water tank for the toilets. Remove the rust stains from sinks and showers in the cottages. It keeps my white towels white.

I used the new improved formula on a shower that has been occupied by a long term resident. The rust stains came off easily.

This will make spring cleaning a breeze.
by: Fritz Laeser

Testimonial by: Cindy S

My well water contains a lot of iron. My toilets and tub had become very rust stained. I used the Super Iron Out and was absolutely amazed. I didn't have to scrub excessively or repeat the process over and over like with other brands. I will now only purchase Super Iron Out!
by: Cindy Sypulski


Testimonial by: Betty E

I purchased my first bottle of Super Iron Out Rust Stain Remover and was happy with it's performance. With our well water and the rust stain issues it brings I even use Super Iron Out with every white load of laundry.
by: Betty Erwin

How to Remove Rust Stains in your Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the trickiest rooms of the house to keep clean. The floor seems to attract spills, the glass becomes spotted with water droplets, and some of the worst things that occur are rust stains. Luckily, you can utilize a few tricks on how to remove rust stains. This will make the job easier and reduce the time you spend on keeping your bathroom clean and attractive.

  • Clean Faucets and Fixtures – In addition to cleaning the rust off your tub, sink or porcelain, make sure you clean the inside of the faucets and fixtures with an appropriate rust removal product as well. By doing this, you can prevent the spread of rust from a Use Super Iron Out to remove rust from your bathroomslow leak or drip.
  • Do Not Use Bleach – The first thing you may think to use when cleaning rust stains is bleach or a bleach-based cleanser. This can actually make the problem worse! Even though it is tempting to try to use what you already have, it makes sense to choose a professional rust remover product like Super Iron Out to tackle the worst of it.
  • Clean Quickly – While it can be tempting to put off your cleaning project, don’t. The longer you wait, the worse the stains will become and you may not be able to remove the stains with ordinary methods. If you are proactive about tackling rust when it first show up, you will save yourself work later.
  • Water Quality– If you have stains that come back time and time again, perhaps you should check your water quality. Well water is often a big culprit, but city water can cause the stains too. If you can reduce the levels of metal in your water, you will be much less likely to need to go through the cleaning process again in the future.

Rust can be a major blight on the overall appearance of your bathroom. If you want that clean, fresh, spa-like atmosphere, you need to rid yourself of this issue quickly. Don’t waste your time with regular cleaners that may make it worse or endless scrubbing that will wear you out and likely still not remove all the residue. Instead of that, choose a cleaner that is specially formulated for rust removal. Additionally, put in some work to repair the problems that cause the stains in the first place. With this effort, your bathroom will soon be rust-free, shiny and the perfect place to take a nice, relaxing bath.