If you’re confused by the terms hard water and soft water, you’re not alone. Is this something else you need to be worried about, along with MSG, biodegradable detergent and pesticides? It is, if you happen to be among the million households that have hard water.

How do I know if I have hard water?

One of the most annoying symptoms of hard water is laundry stains. No matter how much bleach you use, or how much money you Super Iron Out fights the affects of hard waterspend on laundry detergent, hard water can still ruin your best efforts at making sure your family has clean laundry. If you have hard water, you will likely have one or more of the symptoms listed here.

What are the symptoms of hard water?

  • orange or rust-colored stains on freshly laundered clothes
  • smelly laundry that’s just been “cleaned”
  • white spots along the inside of your washing machine drum
  • hard, granular bits inside your washing machine or dryer
  • rust-colored stains inside toilet bowls and tanks
  • orange stains along the rims of tub and shower drains where water collects

Who has hard water?

Hard water can appear anywhere, but it most commonly occurs in homes that:

  • use canal water for sprinklers and washing appliances
  • utilize on-site well water
  • are situated near lakes or rivers
  • are in rural areas without town water

What are the risks of hard water?

Hard water can ruin your clothes and linens. White clothes are particularly susceptible to the unsightly orange-colored stains that hard water can produce in your washing machine. The cause of the orange-colored stains is the excess level of iron in your water. The orange stains are actually rust stains. Even bleach won’t get these stains to disappear completely. If you have hard water, and you’ve pulled an entire load of stained laundry from your dryer, you understand how devastating it can be.

Hard water can also cause unsightly stains inside toilet bowls, tubs and showers. Left untreated, the hard water deposits that cause stains can eat away at finishes and enamel.

What can I do to prevent hard water stains?

Bleach won’t do the trick. To remove the rust stains, you need to use a specially formulated product that is strong enough for rust removal, but gentle enough to remove rust stains on clothing without damaging the fabric. A product like this can be added to your laundry load, just like you add detergent.

How does it work?

Super Iron Out works by chemically breaking down the mineral deposits that cause rust stains. It’s safe to use in your washing machine, an empty dishwasher, toilet bowls, sinks, drains, showers, bathtubs, tile and carpet. Super Iron Out is beneficial to your water lines because it helps to break down the mineral deposits inside your lines that you can’t see.

If you do have hard water, you’re better off using a product like Super Iron Out to protect your clothes and water fixtures.