A clean, inviting bathroom is one of life’s little luxuries. After all, you’re much more likely to use that big soaking tub or spa shower if you can do so in a clean, relaxing environment. While keeping the floor mopped, toilet scrubbed and trash emptied is straightforward enough, there is one problem you may not know how to tackle””a grubby bathtub. If you want to make that tub bright white again, keep these tips in mind. Removing rust in your bathtub

  • Is it Dirt, Scum or Rust? – Before you start wiping away at the stains and discoloration, it is important that you identify exactly what the problem is. Dirt will generally wipe away with just a soft cloth and water, soap scum may require the need of a heavy duty chemical, but should wipe away easily, but rust removal is hard, especially rust stains in the bathtub””unless you use a specialty rust stain removal product like Super Iron Out.
  • Start Small – You do not have to clean the whole tub at one time. Breaking it into individual tasks can make it seem more manageable.
  • Take it Easy – You may not always have to use a scouring brush to get a tub clean. Use the lightest, softest cleaning tool you can get away with. It will protect your finish.
  • Rinse Well – No matter what type of product you’re using to clean your tub, take time to rinse the surface really well when you are done. Built on cleaner residue can cause soap scum, plus it is not very inviting to take a bath in a tub that still has chemicals from the last cleaning job.
  • Remember the Details – When cleaning your tub, it is easy to remove rust, scrub the scum and make the tub nice and shiny while forgetting things like the faucets and hardware. If you do this, you’ll never have that upscale, inviting look you desire.

Once you have your tub looking bright white again, you are well on your way to that spa-like oasis you have always dreamed your bathroom could be. Just remember, put in a little effort to keep your tub clean and you will not have to go through the annoying, difficult cleaning process again.