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Testimonial by: Ana Maria Garcia

My daughter uses this Super Iron Out to wash baseball uniforms that have our red stain from our soil here in Arizona. She soaks them for a day then washes them and they come out clean. Before Super Iron Out no amount of scrubbing, soaking and washing got the stains out.
by: Ana Maria Garcia

Super Iron Out, Voila!!! Ready to play baseball another day.

We live in Georgia and my son plays travel baseball. He plays a TON of baseball throughout the year in the lovely Georgia Red Clay. People have always steered clear of white pants because of the red clay stains and until we found Super Iron Out, we did too! We love it. We cannot survive in our house without it. I keep several bottles in stock and take it with us when we travel on weekend tournaments. We gather the teams uniforms (white AND grey pants) & soak them in warm water & iron out at the end of the day. Voila!!! They are ready for another day of baseball and look brand new. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this product. It is simply amazing!
by: Amanda Harper



Hard Water


I have alot of Iron in my water. My clothes get all gray and I like my clothes white. So once every two weeks I use Iron Out and the gray goes away. I use it in my tub as will. I would like to find out what stores sell the toilet bowl tablets so I could get some. Every store I have been in doesn't have them. I would at least like to try them and see if they could help with the water problem in the the toilet bowl.

Name: Georgeanne
City: Ravenna
State: Ohio


Iron Out Spray


Please tell me where I can get the iron out spray. I live in Groveport Ohio 43125

Name: ruth thompson
City: groveport
State: ohio


Amazing Product!


We recently moved to a place that has so much Iron in the water. I had never had to deal with Iron so I didn't realize it was going to stain everything. Our dishware set was soooo horrendously dirty looking...our silverware was orange, my white shower curtain was hideously orange. I was in despair thinking I was going to have to buy all new things to replace everything that was stained. As a last resort we went to Lowes to see if they had any recommendations and an employee there recommended Super Iron Out. all I have to say! Our dishwasher literally looks brand new inside! Every last speck of orange just melted right away in a matter of minutes...and no scrubbing!!!! My white clothes and white shower curtain is whiter than they've ever been! A billion thanks to this awesome product! If you have an issue with Iron in your water you absolutely MUST try this. I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

Name: Vonda
City: Rockwood
State: PA


Water Conditioner


I put 1 cup of Super Iron Out dissolved in a liter and a half of water. Regenerated the conditioner twice.Then I let the conditioner go on its regular cycle that night. The water seems ok, but in the morning there seems to be a little iron color in the toilet. Should I repeat this again as it is 3 weeks since I did the treatment. I am also thinking of trying Home Hardware's brand of Iron Remover

Name: Kelly Gruber
City: Loretto
State: Ontario




This product works. Rust stains that have built up over time are still a tough battle even for super iron out.

Name: carolyn hicks
City: bancroft
State: michigan


Hard Water Stains


Used it our toilet and it worked great.


Name: John Zbytowski
City: Alpena
State: MI


Iron Out Rocks


It works in all our toilet tanks and I make a paste to scrub the bad marks. Love the stuff!

Name: Sara
City: Appleton
State: WI


My jaw dropped!


We have well water, but I'm convinced the stains might be from the piping. Either way my toilet and tank were horrible. It was so embarrassing to have people over extremely frequently and despite the scrubbing, brushing and cleaning, the toilet still looked like someone hadn't flushed.

I used 1/2 cup in the tank, let it sit for 24 hours and came back to a brand new looking, white, sparkling clean tank! I flushed and actually watched the product work before my eyes as the yellow ring was erased in my toilet bowl. My jaw dropped. It was like watching a commercial, but it was real!

Name: Jessica Cz
City: Clifton Park
State: New York