A friend and her children we over for a visit at my house recently. We got to talking about the hard water problems that we have with the local water supply. It was agreed upon that it seems like anything that is white and has water run on or through it gets an orange color over time. She was telling me about how all of her white clothing has been turned orange and she was ready to throw them all out and start new.Image via Preventrust.info

At that point I told her that she doesn't have to get rid of her clothes, just use Super Iron Out, the best product to remove rust stains. I brought up the fact that I use it all over my house, then pointed her to my white porcelain sink. Not a rust stain or spot to be found anywhere inside. She couldn't believe her eyes and wanted to know where I found this miracle product. I told her to hold her horses, that I wasn't done showing her what it could do.

We went to my laundry room and I pulled out a load of whites that I had recently washed with Super Iron Out. My friend was extremely impressed with how well Super Iron Out removes rust stains on clothing. All the garments looked fresh; no orange tinge, no rust stains on the clothing anywhere. She was ready to cut the visit short and run to the store once she saw how good the clothes looked. I told her which store, and I'm sure that was her first stop on the way home.